Friday, November 27, 2009

I am an enabler!

My nieces seem to like playing with my scrapbooking stuff! Now my other niece is into it.

I got up at 3am to go to black Friday Wal-mart! My sister went with me and she hadn't been to bed yet. We got there and the line was zigzag down the side of the building and up the side of the parking lot and around the front of the building too! We started just at the end of the building. They started letting people in a few at a time at about 4 am. You could get your items but nothing could be rung up til 5am. They then had all the registers open. I only went for my mother as she is in Lancaster PA to pick up my niece's Christmas present that she knows about. She wanted a CRICUT expression electronic cutting machine like I have. The deal was one that you didn't want to pass up. My niece and my other sister are in Canada visiting family there so they couldn't go either. I came back home and got about three hours of sleep maybe before waking back up then my niece calls me from Canada to see if I got it! She is all excited! She doesn't get it til Christmas though! Thank you Denise for keeping me company

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