Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Craft Corner

This is my newly organized craft scrapbooking corner. We live in an in-law apartment above a three car garage that is really great and everyone falls in love with:)! My husband has his computer corner and I decided I needed my own space only I am starting to take over his space too! I have decided that I need to expand a bit more possibly though.

Thank you cards that I helped my niece make

My seventeen year old niece this morning came upstairs to ask me to help her make thank you cards. her birthday was two weeks ago and also she received cards and money from others recently as she was asked at school to go in an exchange student program to go to Germany. She takes spanish in school but the German class does not have enough students with good grades to go so they have asked students from the other foreign language classes with good grades in school. Her parents had to pay for her to be able to go so everyone was giving her spending money. We spent about eight hours on them the inside was all the same except for colors so I only took a picture of one inside. I cut what she wanted and showed her how to do the rest we used the SCAL and the scor pal and design studio and animal kingdom, going places,plantin schoolbook, stretch your imagination,walk in my garden, and camp out solutions.